Mission, Vision, and Values

What's important to us


To expect life change by devoting ourselves to God's Word, Community, Worship & Prayer (Acts 2:42)


To provide a daily environment where ordinary people encounter an extraordinary God.


Compassionate Relationships

Imagine a place where a person can really feel wanted, appreciated, and known. We have been called to be brothers and sisters who love one another as ourselves, with much more than just a smile and a handshake on Sunday morning. We are called to love each other with compassion and a goal to build lasting relationships. We desire to create a community where people are free to build relationships throughout the week, encouraging each other and sharing life together.

Biblical Teaching

In a culture that is losing its identity to "whatever works," we seek to stand firm on the truths of Scripture. Though one of our goals will be to communicate Scripture in creative ways that may seem foreign to the average church-goer, we want to never give up true study of God's Word, and never replace "trendy" for His absolute, unchanging Truth.

Passionate Worship

God desires our praise and worship. He desires that we are thankful for what He has done for us and express His worth-ship from the very depths of our beings. True worship is not singing words on a screen. It is a soul expression that He is God and we are not. It is an everyday realization that is expressed often and with passion. Our commitment is to have worship as our lifestyle, and during our corporate worship services, incorporate tools such as testimonies, dramatic Scripture reading, prayer and individual interaction to facilitate passionate worship in both Spanish and English.

Spiritual Growth

We truly believe that believers need to experience daily growth in our walk with the Lord. This is much more likely to happen when we meet regularly to discuss Scripture, talk about what God is teaching us, be challenged by the testimony and prayers of others, and learn in an atmosphere built to be personal and relevant.

Christ-Like Service

Many people feel guilted into serving when they attend church. This typically happens either because the bigger purpose is not understood or because individuals are not serving in areas in which God has gifted them. We seek to create a culture in which people serve each other and “church” as a whole because it is the natural response to the goodness they have experienced from God in their lives. We will help each person find a place to serve Him with great joy, whether in the ministry or simply in their own home and neighborhood.

Expectant Prayer

There perhaps is nothing more emphasized, and yet unintentionally disregarded, as prayer in our culture. Truly having an atmosphere of honest and expectant prayer is what we seek to do in everything from our worship services to our one-on-one interactions with each other. We seek to pray with each other in accordance with our faith that they will be answered.

Relational Outreach

Often outreach is talked about as a specific ministry in which only some people get involved. We seek to make outreach apart of the entire ministry, to the point that it could never be separated. When we live life before others and in a loving and worshipful way, we cannot help but be the light of the truth of Christ to those in which we have casual coffee dates.

and Excellence in all we do.

Finally, our goal will be to seek to do all things with the excellence that makes our lives worthy of the calling of Christ. To not do anything halfheartedly, but to strive to do all things as an offering and sacrifice to our Lord and God. He delights in us as we are, but we can delight in Him as we grow and serve Him with all that we are.